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Heavenly Spas - The Key West 6 Person, 40 Jet Hot Tub

Choose Your Hot Tub Interior Colors:

Alba Starry Night Blue Moonscape Sierra Caribbean Blue Galaxy
Majestic Sky Ocean Blue

Choose Your Cabinet Color:

Redwood Coastal Gray

Overview of Key West Spa

Get your night started right with this VERY LARGE (6.8'), VERY DEEP (36") 6 person portable hot tub party machine! The 40 jets, which have an air flow control system so you can make the most of your portable hot tub experience, are powered by a wonderful multi-speed 4HP pump and the water stays warm thanks to the 4KW heater; you control both with the technologically marvelous Balboa Electronic Topside Control Panel. This is the finest control system in the industry, allowing you to set the pace of the jets, heater and pump as you like, when you like. You'll love the lounger and five bucket seats that comprise the seating areas of the portable hot tub; you'll feel your tension particularly melt away from your neck with the three specially designed head rest pillows. The Lucite X-Tra™ acrylic shell is easy to maintain; you'll keep it clean with the included large, 25 sq. ft. filter with a top-load feature, making it easy to use. This portable hot tub also features beautiful underwater ambiance lighting that can stay on one color or rotate to provide an enhanced portable hot tubs experience. In addition, you'll save on your energy bills as it's equipped with insulation underneath the shell and inside the cabinet interior. And you'll have peace of mind with this amazing portable hot tub for it comes with warranties galore: 5 years on the shell and structure, 3 years on the control pack and 3 years on the pump! Rest assured you're buying the best when you buy Heavenly Spas!

Of course, you can improve these portable spas with any number of options. First off, a synthetic Weather Guard cabinet will help ensure years of wear. You can perk up the look of your portable hot tub with stainless steel jets, full perimeter LED lights with cabinet-down lighting and lights on the seats, or add an LED light in your steps for extra safety. To improve the efficiency and save on your energy bills, try the Aquapure Ozonator system for cleaner, clearer water using fewer sanitization chemicals. Also available is a lockable, teak cover made of wonderful Naugahyde that's durable and well-constructed. Try a cover lifter to make removal easy, or red PVC steps to make getting in and out risk free. Collar jets are also available – they provide extra, controllable jets around your neck and help that tense area relax. You can even add an 8" waterfall for beautiful additional ambiance. For the best in entertainment, you can add a soothing waterfall or two types of stereo systems: the WOW, with 2 speakers on the cabinet, or the VibraSound™, which features 4 speakers and transducers and subwoofers on the cabinet. Your music will never sound finer! And you can make winterizing your hot tub easy with the energy saving kit we have for you. Or, for extra peace of mind, add the one year warranty on labor. You'll be happy you did!

Heavenly Spas and Choose Hot Tubs Direct have partnered together to bring you an outstanding price on this high quality portable spa perfect all your size needs! You'll save a bundle and get the features you deserve with the Key West!

Technical Information on Key West:

Seating Capacity






40 Two-toned graphite grey jets




Blue Denim or Silver Marble Shell Color




Redwood Color WeatherGuard™ cabinet




82" L x 82" W x 36" D




220V, 50 AMP


Water Capacity


450 gallons


Dry Weight


590 lbs.


Number of Pumps


Multi-speed 4 Hp Pump


Control Panel


Balboa Electronic Topside Control


Heavenly Spas - The Key West 6 Person, 40 Jet Hot Tub
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Sale Price: $4,099.00
Compared at: $6,700.00
You Save: $2,601.00
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  • Structure
  • Jets
  • Hydrotherapy

Key West Spa Includes:

  • Large 6 Person Spa perfect for family bonding time or medium-sized parties with lots of guests.
  • 3 Comfort Head Rest Pillows that bring comfort to one of the highest stress points on your body.
  • Powerful and Reliable Balboa 4 KW Heater that's the number one, most reliable heater in the world, made by Balboa Control Systems. The heater of the spa is the part most likely to break down, but Balboa has the longest and most long lasting reliable heaters in the industry – so you'll know your hot tub spa will be running wonderfully for years!
  • Large 25 Sq. Ft. Clean Water Filter System with a top-load feature that makes it simple to clean. A technological marvel that keeps your maintenance time to a minimum! You don't even have to drag this terrific filter out through your clean water to clean it!
  • Multi-Speed 4 HP High Flow Pump which works like a dream to superbly pump the water and keep it moving freshly to help keep it moving and fresh – this will keep your water pristine.
  • Lucite X-Tra™ Cast Acrylic Shell with DuraBond™, an exclusive system that combines the beauty of the Lucite with a layer of ABS for strength – it's even good for the environment because it has IsoBond, which has all the strength of fiberglass without the weight. It also includes Microban included in it. Microban is a germ-fighting substance built into the shell, not just sprayed on, to keep your hot tub spa free of bacteria and other microbes that can make you ill. What a wonderful reason to choose a Heavenly spa today!
  • Enclosed Tough Polyethalene Bottom which creates a sealed bottom so that you get a water-tight barrier and superb insulation. Other spas are empty on the bottom, causing corrosion or heat loss. Our bottoms also keep out creepy crawlies and other critters.
  • Balboa Electronic Topside Control that allows you to sleep better at night, knowing the most reliable control system in the world is working on your hot tub spa. Rest assured your spa will last for years without problems with this reliable system. With it, you choose the filtering system. Many other brands don't allow that. But with the Balboa system, you can control the jets and pumps as you like them, bringing you the most reliable performance imaginable.
  • Insulated on Cabinet Interior and under the Shell so that you'll save money on your energy bills and be able to easily winterize your spa. The insulation is thick and allows you to use less electricity to heat your hot tubs spas. A great addition to an already great spa!
  • Energy Saving Winterization System keeps your spa ready for year around use or allows it to remain static during cold winter months. You'll save money on your heating bills with this system that uses less power than other brands' winterization options.
  • Top of the Line Warranties – 5 years' shell and structure, 3 years on the control pack and 3 years on the pump!
Heavenly Spas - Balboa Control Panel

Balboa Electronic Topside Control

The Balboa Electronic Topside Control, with its patented M7© technology, creates headache free operation that lasts for eons. It offers longer life expectancy than those of other brands to keep your spas and hot tubs running great forever. Cost-effective, this Balboa control system is of the highest quality and offers Smart Sensor Technology with a multiple high level safety system. Here, all safety functions constantly remain on – so you don't have to worry about your safety. Since both sensors are identical, they monitor each other with the highest technological software available on the market. This Smart Sensor helps the heater element operate in its proper environment. This remarkable sensor also has no sensor insulation in the wall of the spa or any pressure switch problems.

Balboa Heater Element and Tube

The Balboa heater element and tube are also the finest on the market, reliable for many years with proper care. It features incoloy or titanium material options, a larger bend area and no wire ties. Together, these minimize debris – so you'll have cleaner water and less maintenance time. Therefore, you'll also use fewer chemicals to keep your hot tub spa sanitized. The front-mounted Balboa heater tube requires no welds, so that it will remain in place as long as you own your beautiful spa. This heater tube also has easy access for service, keeping the heat going in your spa. Get the finest features of M7© technology with the Balboa Control System.

Balboa Heating System

The Balboa Heating System is also the finest in the industry. This heating system not only keeps you warm, but also stable – you won't feel the vibrations at all thanks to its 3 welded stabilizers. Durable and reliable, even under high flow conditions, the Balboa heater also comes standard with a structural bulkhead bracket, which makes sure the heating element is centered and quality is enhanced every time. You'll also notice a smooth flow around the heating element and less harmonic vibrations for warmer water and quiet, even operation. Meanwhile, crimped bulkheads are aligned with precision as each heater is manufactured. By using a chemically-inert epoxy seal instead of brazing, it corrodes less and is tested to 60 psi, so it won't leak when it's installed. Finally, you'll have rattle-free heating thanks to the Balboa's maximum clearance between the heating element and its housing. You'll be sitting pretty " and vibration and noise-free " by using this heating system.

Heavenly Spas Hot Tub Jets

Heavenly Spas hot tub jets are wonderful for relaxation and hydrotherapy! Eurojets hit pressure points on the body to hit the acupressure points on the body. Directional Eurojets direct the water on different muscles wherever you need the most benefits from your hot tub spa experience. Meanwhile, a 14 nozzle lively turbo massage jet will remain on all the time to keep your hydrotherapy going. Always find a large coverage on your back, where most people hold most of their tension. Finally, the swirl jets will pulsate all the time, with the pumps turning off and on. What terrific locations and actions!

50 square ft. and 25 square ft. filters

The 50 square ft. and 25 square ft. filters included with a Heavenly spa are also technological marvels. They feature a top-load system that you remove easily to clean. They also have an adjustable rate chemical feeder cartridge you can readily fill with the sanitizer of your choice. To remove the top-load filter, you don't have to drag it through your clean spa water. The filter has Microban Spa Filter Media that fight bacteria and hinder the buildup of unhealthy microbes in your water. You'll really appreciate the filter's convenience and power!

Portable Hottub Top Load 
filterEuroJetHeavenly Spas Spa PackHeavenly Spas Steel 
Frame Construction


  • Stainless Steel Jets will improve the performance of your pump and create less maintenance for you. These jets will also enhance the beauty of your hot tubs spas and make them look more luxurious than they already are.
  • Full Perimeter LED Lighting with Cabinet Down Lighting offers even more rainbow ambiance lighting to your hot tub experience. Many LED lights will add safety to your spa, especially when used in evenings and at night.
  • 3" LED Light in Your Step will brighten your way into your spa and make it safer for entering and leaving it when it's dark out there. It lights the entire body of the spa, too, creating even more wonderful ambience.
  • Aquapure Ozonator System (installed) reduces the amount of chemicals you need to keep your water pristine. Ozone eliminates bacteria, molds and other contaminants. Combined with the Lucite spa shell with Microban protection, the Aquapure Ozonator will really keep your water refreshing, pure and easy to maintain.
  • Ambiance Rainbow Lighting System that's underwater and can fade slowly from one color to the next or stay on the color of your choice. The colors include red, green, blue, violet and orange for a rainbow of beauty. Creating the ultimate hot tub spa experience, this is usually an add-on to most spas, but Heavenly Spas includes this wonderful system at no extra charge. Truly amazing, truly beautiful! You'll simply love it!
  • Weather Guard™ Maintenance Free Spa Cabinet Weather Guard™ Maintenance Free Spa Cabinet
  • Lockable, Insulated Teak Hard Cover provides superior heat insulation for your hot tub spa. Without out, debris " or children and pets " can enter your spa and you'll spend more time cleaning it. Stay safe and save energy! Made of Naugahyde for durability.
  • An 8" Waterfall creates even more soothing ambiance. What could be better than hearing the soft trickle of water? Everyone knows a waterfall brings luscious balance to your life; no doubt this will bring its calming effects to your spa experience! Give it a try – we know you'll love it!
  • A Cover Lifter will make it easy to get your high quality spa cover off safely and easily. You definitely need one to ease the burden on your back.
  • Red PVC Steps will help you and your guests get in and out of the hot tub spa safely, quickly and easily. You can even add the beautiful 3" light mentioned above for increased beauty.
  • Collar Jets are perhaps the most wonderful addition to these hot tubs spas because they help take away the tension in your neck area. Absolutely fabulous since this is where we carry most of our tension every day, they're the best addition to your spa experience. You sit hunched over a desk all day – why not make that stress disintegrate as you relax in your hot tub spa?
  • The WOW Sound Stereo System adds a two-speaker iPod/MP3 ready stereo system to your hot tub spas experience. Bring the music to your fun and romance as you play your favorite songs with relaxing two speakers. These external speakers bring the listening enjoyment your guests want!
  • The VibraSound™ Stereo System takes the WOW system even further. Using the shell as a speaker, it builds in a subwoofer and four speakers to make hydrotherapy even more exciting. Feel the music pulsate as you relax or party in style with the ultimate add-on to your amazing Catalina Hot Tub Spa!
  • Polar 1.25" Cold Weather Insulation helps keep your water warmer. You'll definitely need this if you live in a cold climate. It will also help keep your energy bills down! You'll also be able to winterize your hot tubs and spas to keep them ready for spring again!
  • A One Year Warranty on Labor that will save you money should something happen to this marvelous spa. Get it for peace of mind!

Aquapure Ozonator System

The Aquapure Ozonator System reduces the amount of chemicals you need to keep your water pristine, so it's a wonderful addition to your hot tub spa. As air molecules go through the ozonator, they are broken down and turned into either O3 or ozone – both naturally occurring elements. The ozone eliminates bacteria, molds and other contaminants so the hot tub spa's sanitizing system can prepare for a new invasion of bacteria – which the ozonator will then destroy. It's like a video game system for your spas and hot tubs! Turn it on about half an hour before you use your hot tub spa and it will make your water sparkle! If you use the Aquapure System, you'll use about half the chemicals you'd use without it – imagine how much happier your body will be!

Polar 1.25" Cold Weather Insulation

Polar 1.25" cold weather insulation helps keep your water warmer. You'll definitely need this if you live in a cold climate. It will also help keep your energy bills down! You'll also be able to winterize your hot tubs and spas to keep them ready for spring again!

The WOW Stereo System

The WOW Stereo System can be yours to bring a little music into your hot tub spa experience. This stereo system features 2 speakers that are external so your whole party can hear the beats! Music soothes the savage beast " and improves hydrotherapy, too " so get your party rocking!

The VibraSound™ Stereo System

The VibraSound™ Stereo System is even more incredible. You won't just be listening to music – you'll feel it as well because this system uses the shell as a speaker! In fact, four speakers and a subwoofer will be in your spa to transmit the sound through the water – so you'll really feel every beat and enjoy your hydrotherapy even more. The VibraSound also features two external speakers for your patio so you can entertain one and all, whether in the water or out. This is definitely the best stereo system out on the market don't you want to add its intensity in your spa experience?

Ambiance Rainbow Lighting System

Also included is the beautiful Heavenly Spas Ambiance Rainbow Lighting System! This full perimeter top shell and underwater LED lighting offers an array of beautifully colored high intensity LED lighting that makes your spa experience all the more wonderful. This system can be programmed to show off each color in the rainbow at three second intervals, or can be set to stay on whichever color suits your mood best. Enjoy the wealth of color " red, green, blue, violet and orange " and either woo the night away with a seductive tint or party all night with the lighting pulsing!

Hottub MP3 AM/FM Stereo
Hottub LED Lighting Option
Portable Hottub Spa 
Ozonator Clean Water Spa 
Portable Hottub Steps


Manifold Plumbing

Manifold Plumbing balances the water pressure distribution of the jets to reduce the number of plumbing jets, maximizing water flow. Unlike that of other spas, this allows everyone in the hot tub spa to receive the same jet power, instead of only the person in front of the first jet in the line. In addition, the pipes are made from two types of pipes, one designed only for air, the other for water. This keeps them from leaking as they are constructed of the highest quality – unlike those of other spa companies.

Pumps, Blowers and Heaters

Pumps, Blowers and Heaters: In order to present the highest water flow possible, a Heavenly Spas spa opts for high-flow water pumps based on the rate of gallons per minute. Paired with the manifold plumbing system, each jet has equal water pressure. The Turbo Charged air-induction system charges the water with a quiet, 2 horsepower, 3 speed turbo pump to warm the water. Unlike other air blowers, this system is completely silent and adjustable to 10 different levels at the touch of a button. In addition, these spas and hot tubs have 4 kW energy efficient, non-pressure switch heaters.

Top Load Filters

Top Load Filters are easy to remove to clean. In addition, the top load system " exclusive to this spa line " lets you remove the filter without pulling it through your clean water. An adjustable rate chemical feeder cartridge fills easily with your choice of sanitizer. Heavenly spas have filters with Microban technology, which removes bacteria and prevents the growth of harmful microbes.

SPA shells

DuraBond© shells are patented with a 4 layer strengthening process called DuraBond. This system combines the loveliness of Lucite-Xtra© acrylic with a layer of ABS for strength. Then a layer of double-strength IsoBond is added, which has the strength of a fiberglass resin shell without the weight and environmental concerns. A thick layer of polyurethane foam completes the shell. Opt for this shell and you'll not have to worry about it lasting!

Lucite-Xtra© cast acrylic is non-porous that resists stains from lotions and body oils. These can ruin non-acrylic spas. It also doesn't chip, crack or dent. Despite the use of chemicals, this Lucite shell stays shiny, even as it's exposed to sanitizers, high temperatures and sunlight. You don't have to polish or wax this to maintain its terrific looks – just clean it with a sponge and mild soap.

SPA Cabinets

These beautiful, energy efficient and maintenance free cabinets have Weather Guard™, the best maintenance-free cabinet on the market. Its redwood cross-grain color won't fade or discolor. It's made of cellular vinyl PVC that won't crack, splinter or peel and is strong and highly durable and is like high-end vinyl windows you use in your home. Since it replaces the wood most spa cabinets are constructed of, it is termite, moisture and rot resistant and 214% more rigid than wood. Weather Guard is also 62% more energy efficient than wood, too, so add this upgrade and make your spa cost less to run and last longer!

Heavenly Spas Steel 
Frame Construction
hottub spa pack fit


Heavenly Spas positions its jets for optimal benefits. Settings range from "power surge" that creates a swirling action to "direct-pressure flow", delivering a narrower stream to provide a more intense massage on certain parts of your body. Its exclusive air-induction system allows you to turbo charge the jets with extra powerful warm air to invigorate you like no other spa!

2" Posi-Flow jets provide a narrow, constant stream of water to provide more intense massaging action on specific muscles.

4" and 5" Vari-Swirl Hurricane Jets provide a 360 degree massage area to cover your body with wonderful action. Each has a 3/4 inch nozzle that rotates on ball bearings due to the pressure of the water and adjusts up to a 26 degree angle.

The 7" Massage Hurricane Jet is a large, 14-nozzle jet which gives a power flow to all the other nozzles, invigorating your body over a large area.

Portable Hottub 2 
inch Hurricane Jet
Portable Hottub 3 inch 
Hurricane Jet
Hottub 5 inch Massage Hurricane Jet
7 inch Massage Hurricane Jet


Did you know hot tubs and hydrotherapy help you do the following?

  • SLEEP BETTER – The National Sleep Foundation reports that a soak in a spa before sleeping promotes a deeper REM sleep cycle that will refresh you!
  • MOVE BETTER – The Arthritis Foundation of America notes the benefits of hydrotherapy for sufferers of this painful disease. A good time spent in a hot tub will help sooth your pain, promote joint mobility and assist in restoring your flexibility and strength
  • LIVE BETTER – A 30 minute soak in a hot tub combined with daily exercise helps lower blood sugar in diabetics, the New England Journal of Medicine Reports
  • EXERCISE BETTER – A soak after a strenuous workout " be it an aerobics session or vacuuming " will help rejuvenate your muscles. Sports therapists use hot tubs to help athletes recover from injuries faster

The hot tub lifestyle relaxes, provides wonderful entertainment options and allows you to feel better, relieve stress and renew your body!

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