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Genesis 250 Hot Tub Spa

Genesis 250 Hot Tub Spa
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Sale Price: $12,230.00
Compared at: $15,200.00
You Save: $2,970.00
Product ID : paragon_genesis_250
Manufacturer: Paragon Spas
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With the Paragon Genesis Spa, you get INCREDIBLE features:

  • Every kind of massage and jet system possible, including Effleurage, which gives a deep muscle massage without the pounding of traditional systems, a world-class feature that sets this hot tub apart from the rest
  • Pay less for heating your hot tub with these two energy saving features:
  • oTru-Blue ROXUL© Double Up Insulation System oLow energy consumption Hi-Flo© pump
  • Ultra Ambiance Lighting System:
  • oSunglo Lighting – Multi-LED Bulb – for romantic effect when wanted 8 different colors in several sequences (control as you wish, or stop on favorite color) oTwo LED Lit Waterfalls – Adding to your backyard ambience, this LED waterfall is sequenced with entry lighting, providing the gentle sounds of running water and a stunning visual effect
  • Superior Interior Shell - Microban© coated Xtra Lucite © Highest grade acrylic, Superior strength, Weather resistance, High-gloss appearance, Resistence to sunlight, stains, and scratches
  • Comfortable bucket seats
  • 70 High Quality Jets
  • Unsurpassed manufacturer warranty explained further below (10 Year Shell/7 Year Surface/ 5 Year Parts and Labor)
  • Two 5.0 Horse Power, Dual Speed Pumps (more than most tubs)
  • Detailed Electronic LCD Control (nicer than traditional LED)
  • Easy entry steps and cool down seat
  • Air volume controls for therapy air jets
  • 4 Easy Rest head cushions
  • Textured easy entry steps or cool off seat
  • Superior Filtration, Large skimming area removes floating contaminates
  • Cleaner water and less chemicals needed with built in Freshwater Ozone
  • Rot Not Base, impervious to rodents or moisture from the ground
  • Superior design and with Touch of Elegance stainless steel trim
  • Superior structure for lifetime support


Sound System:

  • Sound Melodies Sound System (MP3 Ready)- The stereo is the most popular option for these hot tubs. Listen to your favorite music or watch your favorite movie through the optimal surround sound system (JBL stereo brand). Plug your MP3 or personal DVD player into the docking station for theatre quality sound. System includes docking station, amplifier, sub-woofer and four underwater speakers.
  • Sound Melodies Sound System (MP3/CD/AM/FM/Sirius) - Now you can add the local station or satellite, an AM/FM/Sirius radio with "floating" remote. Same great features as the "MP3 Ready" system with a waterproof stereo and remote added for those audio lovers

Champagne Air Bubbler with Aromatherapy - Popular in Europe, this option taps even further into your senses with a champagne air option. These are a series of dedicated air injectors that provide thousands of tiny bubbles which you can choose to enhance with a fragrance to arouse your senses. Just drop in a the made to fit fragrance canister and let your senses run wild

Perimeter LED Lighting – Another popular option on these spas. Creating the mood, surround yourself in an enchanting color changing environment, or lock in your favorite color. With 8 color choices, this is a great mood enhancer for any spa


Hot Tub Structure and Design

Permaloc© Vertical Support and Lip Support

Making it one of the highest strength hot tubs in the industry, the Paragon spas are literally designed from the ground up, and from the inside out. Their patented Permaloc© components make it unlike any hot tub line on the market today in regards to its structural integrity.

Unlike many other brands, Paragon Spas contains no wood or steel and therefore will not rust, rot or weaken over time. The hot tubs unique vertical supports are strong injection molded (not vacuum formed) arms for superior strength, precise fit, and perfect alignment. Designed to handle the heavy water and people inside the tub for a lifetime.

The Permaloc© lip support is a unique hot tub lip system, where the spa surface edge meets the side cabinet. Traditionally this is the weak point in a hot tub design. The surface is prone to shift, and gaps allow water, and pests to compromise the spa interior, and lip edges can be sharp. The Paragon spa lip system completely eliminates these potential problems. An ingenious PVC extrusion formed into the lip of the spa shell, precisely locks onto the Permaloc© vertical support. The result is unequaled stability, a water tight drip path and an edgeless seam between the spa surface and the spa side cabinet.

Hot Tub Structure Benefits:

  • Environmentally friendly hot tub – 100% recycled composite materials
  • Strongest hot tub shell support – absorbing and distributing shell stress
  • Lip stress transfers to hot tub base
  • Will not warp, rot, rust or degrade over time
  • Easy access to hot tub equipment and hot tub plumbing
  • Injection molded for strength
  • Engineered for precision
  • Superior hot tub lip strength
  • Hidden trim line for smooth consistent lip
  • No sharp edges
  • Water drip edge

Permaloc© RotNot Base

The key structural component of any hot tub is the base, which serves as both the main support for the tub itself, and as a critical hot tub barrier between your investment and the cold, wet ground. The hot tub base of every Paragon Spa is injection molded (not vacuum formed) from virtually indestructible composite material that is 100% recycled. These hot tub bases reinforce the tub and insure the proper support of the water weight and bathers over the years. Moreover, the spa bases are totally impervious to water, rust, and rodents, and they will never warp, not to mention are free of maintenance.

Hot Tub Benefits:

  • Stable and Strong hot tub
  • Will not rot, warp or fade
  • No maintenance
  • Built – in air venting
    • Permaloc© Enternalwood Cabinets

      The carefully engineered, synthetic cabinet is made to have the warm look and feel of real quality finished wood without the shortcomings of real wood, such as warping, fading and the constant need for maintenance. Locked in tight to both the base and the lip, the hot tub cabinet provides yet another layer of insulating protection for the hot tub's interior equipment against weather and pests.

      Hot Tub Benefits of Cabinet:

      • Warm natural glow and sheen, the look and feel of high quality finished wood
      • Maintenance free hot tub and durability
      • Long lasting high quality hottub finish
      • Will not rot, warp, or degrade
      • Easy to remove hot tub panels
      • UV stable for consistent finish year after year

Energy Efficiency

Hot Tub Energy Efficiency

Low Energy Consumption Pump (LEC pump) – Creating the circulation required to filter and heat the water of a spa can basically be accomplished in two ways. Standard models include a 2 speed pump that doubles as both the circulation pump and the jet pump. The hot tub pump will operate on a low speed to provide whirlpool action to the hot tub jets. The LEC circulation pump is a much more efficient method, as it is a separate low amperage circulation pump dedicated solely to this function. By not using one pump to do two jobs, the spa incorporates a very high flow, low energy consuming hot tub pump that will use less energy running 24 hours a day than a 2-speed pump operating for a fraction of the day. The result is a constant 24 hour hot tub filtration with more total gallons filtered and less energy consumed. Enjoy your lower energy bill!

Tru-Blue Double Up Insulation with ROXUL©

Paragon Spas are enjoyed around the world, but their roots are Canadian so they know how to dress for the cold weather, using layers. And they applied the same principle to make their spas perform optimally and efficiently, even in cooler climates.

First, they wrap the entire core in a 2"/5cm thick blanket of bagged Roxul© insulation. Next, they install 2©/5cm high density slabs of Styrofoam that fit between the spa vertical supports and eternalwood cabinet.

  • Maximizes hot tub heat retention and internal operating equipment
  • Minimizes hot tub noise from pumps and other hot tub equipment
  • Minimizes hot tub heat loss

The result is the quietest, most energy efficient hot tub and hydrotherapy system on the planet.

Roxul© Balsatic Rock Wool

A European study determined that, when properly installed, Roxul© insulation can save you up to 1000 times the energy used to produce it. Roxul© insulation, as well as the advanced technology used to make it, is completely CFC and HCFC free. The recycled content of Roxul© insulation exceeds 40%. It delivers consistently high R values for the hot tubs.

Roxul© is hydrophobic, and will not absorb or store moisture from the hot tubs. It will not promote the growth of fungi or mildew and is vermin proof. Roxul© is also sag resistant and will stay in place.

Benefits of Balsatic Rock Wool:

  • High R value for hot tub
  • Does not absorb water
  • Resists insects and rodents
  • Highly fire resistant
  • Formable around hot tub plumbing
  • Easily removed and replaced
  • Environmentally friendly

Whitewater Filtration for Hot Tub

These spas come with their own proprietary Whitewater Filtration System. Whitewater provides a large skimming area to capture any surface oils or debris and a floating weir to keep them contained to the filter well.

Enclosed in the Whitewater filter compartment are two twist lock hot tub filters for easy removal and cleaning. The two 50 square feet no bypass hot tub filters are connected to a programmable dual speed pump providing a total hot tub filtering surface of 100 square feet. Continuously filtering to capture and contain any impurities in the water.

The first 50 square feet hot tub filter is operated by their Hi-Flo hottub circulation pump which runs silently 24 hours a day for just pennies and at far less cost than 2 speed tub systems that operate for a few hours each day. In fact, the Paragon Spas circulation systems operate for about the cost of a 100-watt light bulb.

During spa hydrotherapy sessions, when the bather load increases, hot tub filtration is doubled. Each day the hot tub system purges itself at selected times and frequencies which you choose for added assurance of cleanliness and safety.

Hot tub filters are easily accessible for cleaning and regular hot tub maintenance.


Hot Tub Jets

The Paragon Spa line incorporates many different hot tub jets and placements, each providing a different level of massage for your many aches and pains. They will soothe overworked muscles, loosen stiff joints and melt your stress away.

Accu-Point hot tub jets – small adjustable hot tub jets for accu-point pressure

Pulsating Stream hot tub jets – the pulsating water from this hot tub jet will treat you to a rhythmic water hot tub massage

Dual Stream hot tub jet – dual rotating orifices produce a marvelous stroking sensation- relaxing on contact

Multi-Stream hot tub jet – like small fingers of water to gently massage your tired muscles

Power Stream hot tub jets – directional and adjustable hot tub jets hit just the right spot with the right pressure

Tidal Wave hot tub jet – a full-flow hot tub jet providing powerful condensed hot tub massage for any ailing body part

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