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Aruba XL 118 Jet, 6 Person Hot Tub Spa With free TV/DVD

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Overview of Aruba

Lay down with your loved one in this DELUXE SIZED (7.5 FOOT) AND DEEP (37 ") Deep Spa featuring a whopping 118 jets & bucket seats with full body jet systems. Also included in this 37" Deep hot tub spa is a lay down lounge chair & advanced hydrotherapy massage seat. In total, 96 water jets, all targeted towards 6 seats means this hot tub spa gives more massage per seat, making it one of our hottest selling hot tubs. Enhance your pleasure and senses even further with our exciting TV/DVD hot tub spa option. This option include marine grade speakers that are built into the cabinetry, and an optional DVD player for that full theatre experience. This is a large hot tub spa for good size parties and families. Also, this spa is powered by three mighty 5HP pumps. It is fully equipped with ambiance underwater lighting, exterior safety lighting & our impressive ACC SmarTouch™ advanced digital LCD control system. Also includes our Pristine Water™ Filtration with standard ozonator system for cleaner water.

Because this hot tub is very popular, we usually keep it in stock and ready to ship immediately. We will also throw in FREE Delivery with this hot tub. It's a hard deal to beat!

Technical Information on Aruba:

Seating Capacity




Seating Design

Bucket, Lounge, Chair, Lazy-Boy Style Chair, Bench

Jet Location

Shoulder, Neck, Back, Spinal Massage, Seat, Calf, Feet


90", 90", 37"


4.5 KW Heavy Duty Heater, 220V, 50 amp
ACC Spa Pack (ETL)

Water Capacity

445 Gallons

Dry Weight

661 lbs.

Number of Pumps

3 X 5HP



Aruba XL 118 Jet, 6 Person Hot Tub Spa With free TV/DVD
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Sale Price: $4,499.00
Compared at: $12,600.00
You Save: $8,101.00
Product ID : IE_Aruba
Manufacturer: Island Spas
Weight: Free Shipping


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  • Features
  • Options
  • Structure
  • Jets
  • Hydrotherapy

The Aruba full size hot tub spa has these incredible features and benefits:

  • 118 High Quality Jets in many orientations
  • Lay Down Lounger & Full Body Massage Chair!
  • 3 Powerful 5HP Pumps!
  • Ambiance Lighting System – An underwater hot tub bulb which can change colors continuously, fading from one color to the next. Creating the ultimate hot tub atmosphere, this type of lighting is usually an add-on option on most hot tubs today, but is included as a standard feature on all Island hot tubs and spas.
  • Lucite©/Aristech© Highest Premium Acrylic Interior – All our spas are made with Lucite© or Aristech© the top quality acrylics in the world. These are the highest standards for shell material in the spa industry, known for its vivid, striking colors. It also has superior strength, weather resistance, high-gloss appearance, and resistance to sunlight, stains, and scratches
  • Ozone Oxidation & Dual Filter Filtration System -ozone oxidation system for purer water and less chemical additives for your hot tub, and an a capacity of 320 Liter/minute filtration system
  • American Made Applied Computer Control System (ACC™) – "One Touch Magic" - makes managing your hot tub control the greatest of ease."
  • High Performance 4.5 KW Heater – Higher than industry standards, this 4.5 KW will heat up your spa in even in extremely cold conditions. It also heats up faster than most spas in the industry which have 3KW to 4KW heaters.
  • Both Head and Neck Collar Type Cushions - for a different head support experience
  • Jet Diverter/Regulator Control System – for Maximum Power & Control of your spa jets
  • Overflow Prevention Vent – avoid unsafe wet surfaces from spills over the side of your hot tubs and spas.
  • Exterior Lighting – mounted to the exterior cabinet, these sleek lights are pointed downwards to provide good lighting and ambiance to your hot tub deck and flooring - no need to bring out extra lighting to the hot tubs and spas.
  • Reinforced Synthetic Frame & Thick ABS Bottom – Our hot tubs are built for a lifetime of use. Reinforced synthetic frames and thick molded durable plastic bottoms make your hot tub more sturdy, and also help keep it well insulated.
  • An Outstanding 5 year shell, 1 year parts hot tubs and spas warranty

FREE Hot Tub Ambiance & Exterior Lighting System - Valued at $399

Enjoy the warm colors included in Island's standard underwater lighting system. The system consists of a large mood bulb in the shell which slowly changes from one color to another. Also includes lights mounted to the exterior cabinet which help illuminate the exterior of your spa.

ACC(tm) Smart Touch™ Digital Control System

We have just upgraded ALL our 2013 models with the most reliable American made spa controls in the industry, can be programmed and controlled to handle all functions of the spa with simplicity of use. Some of the functions include controlling pumps, filtration cycles, ozonators, lighting systems, and entertainment features. This control panel has a large digital display which is easy to read while you are enjoying your spa. The "Smart Touch" also filters the water in the spa after you need it the most, after you use the spa. This saves you money and wear and tear on your spa. This system is named as "smart" because it remembers when you use the spa the most, and the rest of the day, it runs in economy mode.

5 Year Premium Warranty with Lifetime Shell

The warranty for Island Spas is the best in the industry. Enjoy the comfort of knowing yours pa will be serviced well into the future. The shells are guaranteed for life! In cases of an issue, our service tech trouble shoots with our customers over the phone, and then dispatches parts directly to the customer’s home. We pride ourselves on our excellent “after service” and our commitment to customers long after the sale is done. We have many references to back this up, and we placed some of these in the testimonials section of our web-site.

4.5 KW High Performance Heater

The American made "ACC(tm) Spa Pack" includes a 4.5KW Heater which is higher than most other spas which have 3KW to 4KW heaters. This spa heats up quickly even in cold climates. In extremely cold climates or states with severe winters, you call also upgrade this heater to the MAXX™ 5.5KW heater for a small price (see options). The 4.5KW heater is above industry standards so is sufficient for our customers in any state in the United States. This spa also heats up faster than most heaters so you can keep your temperature down when you are not using it, and quickly heat it up when you are planning on using it. Island Spas hasupgraded all models recently with these heaters because they are very reliable, and rugged. The last thing you want is your heater breaking down in the winter!

FREE Ozone Oxidation System (Ozonator) – Valued at $299

The Island spas are designed for maximum clean water benefits. When you have the circulation pump option, you can set the spa on filtration mode, which will filter water at a low energy level to cover your filtration needs. Additionally, every spa comes with a modern Ozonator System. The Island Ozonator is the best model on the market. It oxidizes contaminants for reduced chemical use and sparkling clean water. The ozone system passes air molecules through the ozonator, breaking them down and recombining them to create 03 or ozone. The ozone then oxidizes bacteria and contaminants, leaving the hot tub sanitizer free to set up a defense against other, new contaminants entering the spa. Good to turn on for just a half an hour before you enjoy your spa to enjoy cleaner, purer water. With the Ozonator on, you can expect to use less than half the chemicals you would normally use to keep your spa clean.

Jet Diverted / Regulated Control System

The Ultimate in Hydrotherapy Jet Control! We install jet diverter & regulator control valves into the cabinet of your hot tub which allow you to specify the water pressure and redirect the power to specific hot tub areas for maximum power & control or your spa.

Reinforced Synthetic Frame & Improved ABS Bottom: Built to Last!

Unlike many other brands, the frames of the Island Spas contain no wood or steel and therefore will not rust, rot or weaken over time. Our new 2013 spas have a beefed up synthetic frame & thick ABS bottom. We increased the size, strength and thickness of our frames on ALL our spas to ensure safe delivery to our customers in other countries such as Canada and Europe. Our US customers of course get the benefit of a stronger, long-lasting spa. The ABS bottom is formed around the bottom of the cabinetry, and serves the purposes of added structural integrity, increased insulation from the elements, and protection from rodents and insects entering/tampering with the spa interior.


Entertainment System Options:

  • Spa Theatre System (TV/DVD) ($1199) Enjoy the ultimate Spa Theatre System by loading up your hot tub with all of the entertainment pieces to create the ultimate hot tub experience. Includes a high quality 17" flat screen TV and DVD player built into the cabinetry with panel / remote control. The TV screen is electronically operated, smoothly rising both up and down, and can be stowed away flush with the spa cabinet when not in use. A marine grade protection casing guards the TV from extreme weather conditions. Be the only one on the block with a hot tub with a TV!
  • Pop-Up Speakers ($199) – Our standard speakers are built into the exterior cabinet. Or, for above spa audio & better sound quality, add the optional pop-up speakers.

Circulation Pump ($349)

Get the benefit of a lower energy bill and eco-friendly hot tub. This is a must have option in colder climates. The Circulation Pump is an additional low power pump you can add to your spa, so you don't have to run the larger pumps all the time to heat the spa. The circulation pump saves you energy and is meant to run 24 hours a day, continuously filtering your hot tub and maintaining its temperature. The result is constant hot tub filtration with more total gallons filtered and less energy consumed.

ThermoGuard© Premium Spa Cover & Exterior Steps ($299)

Customized for Island Spas models, the ThermoGuard© Spa Cover is made to conserve energy by retaining heat and keep your hot tub clean by protecting against bacteria. Also provides safety by preventing children and pets from accidentally falling into your hot tub when it is not in use and unattended. Exterior hot tub steps are very convenient because they help both adults and supervised children get into your hot tub.

Premium Spa Cover Lifter ($199)

This Spa Cover Lifter is a high-end hot tub cover removal device which features a specially designed mechanical assist. Safely & easily lifts and lowers your cover and eliminates hassles & strains on your body. Premium cover lifter designed for added Support with a bar that goes completely across the fold of the cover & perfectly fits your Island ThermoGuard© hot tub cover. Cover lifter also minimizes clearance between the spa exterior & gazebo or deck, making it optimal for areas with limited space.

PolarFoam© Insulation - Winterize Your Tub! ($199)

This option essentially will tell the manufacturer to pack a layer of foam around the interior of the shell to give the hot tub super insulation. This is a must have option in colder climates. It will help you save power and energy. Moreover, a layer of foam is is applied around the inside of the cabinets to which gives us our trademark PolarFoam©. Most companies only foam the shell, but this is inefficient. We foam the cabinets to truly seal in the heat. This combination of a foamed shell, foamed cabinet, and thick ABS bottom will provide you with the ultimate insulation package to keep your spa heated, and keep your energy bills down.

MAXX™ 5.5KW High Performance Heater Upgrade

The MAXX™ Heater upgrades your heater from standard 4.5KW to the highest in the industry, 5.5KW. This is recommended for people who live in colder climates like the North East or Mid-West (severe winters), or anybody who just wants to heat their hot tub up faster. For a small price to pay, we highly recommend this upgrade.

HotFX Waterfall with Lights

This soothing waterfall is built into the interior shell and shoots streams which dance over the water. Color changing lights are included behind the waterfall to enhance the ambiance of the hot tub.

Extra Filters

Your spa of course already comes installed with a pair of factory installed filters (double filtration). It’s a good idea to have an extra set of filters around in case yours wear out or become too dirty. We recommend replacement of filters every 6 months. The most common service call hot tub technicians get is that their spas no longer heat us, and that’s usually because of dirty or old filters. Luckily it’s an easy problem to fix! Filters are also washable in a dishwasher for the first couple times, but eventually after 6 months, they need to be replaced. Also, like most manufacturers of spas, our filters are unique to our Island Spas only. We are the only one that carries these, so you have to contact our sales staff whenever you need to order more. Our parts warehouse has been around for more than 38 years, and is fully stocked.

Salt Water Sanitizing System

Our Salt Water Sanitizing System is a salt chlorinator and is our trendiest, hot selling option. It usesan advanced electronic process to sanitize your spa water. In addition to handling all your water sanitization needs automatically, there are many known health benefits to using the natural salt in your hot tub, including eliminating potential irritation to your skin and eyes. This system is different than the Ozone Oxidation System which is already included as a standard feature with your hot tub. The standard Ozone Oxidation System will clean your water, and cuts back on the amount of sanitizer you will need, but you will still need to add some type of sanitizer (chlorine or bromine) in addition to the ozonator to maintain the water cleanliness. The Salt Water System is a machine that we install inside your spa which automatically takes care of this. Our salt water option is more advanced than most units on the market and includes:

  • Set and forget operation
  • Self cleaning cell
  • Digital time switch
  • LCD and LED indicators
  • High flow rate cell
  • Add salt without turning chlorinator off
  • Large cell anode and cathode area
  • Built in safety sensor
  • Installs on any side of spa with simple bracket
  • Chlorine output control switch
  • No handling or storing of chlorine
  • Environmentally friendly – salt is a natural product

Backyard Delivery Option

Newly introduced by popular demand we now have an option for backyard delivery to the exact spot you wish to place the spa. Most online sellers like us already include FREE of charge liftgate delivery to the front of the house or any driveway accessible area . But then how do you move the large, awkward hot tub to the back of the house! We have recently worked out a deal with our shipping company to provide you with this full service. This includes bringing out extra men (usually 3-4) to your location to move the spa to place you need it. This also includes removing the crate, pallet, and protection around the spa and placing your spa in place free of the packaging. Then all you need to do is hire an electrician to hook up the power, and fill it with a water hose, and turn it on.

In order for us to do a backyard delivery the following must be true:

  • Placement site must be within 150 feet of the truck
  • No obstructions (fence, shrubs, trees, etc..) – remember the spas to get delivered “upright” so the actual height of your spa while in use (say 30” to 40” depending on what model) is the actual width of the spa when it’s being moved
  • No rigging, fence, gate or door removal will be done, so have that ready
  • Path from truck to placement site must be relatively level, and no steep inclines
  • Any placement to a deck cannot involve more than 2 steps

Enduro© Synthetic Cabinet (Colors B & C) Maintenance FREE - $199

Instead of standard wood, you have a choice of choosing the Enduro© Synthetic Cabinet for very little extra. Synthetic plastic hot tub shells are now the standard of the hot tub industry because in the past wood has had problems with warping and rotting over time. The synthetic plastic shells are also more resistant to color fading, and overall are the more popular choice of our hot tub customers.

Perimeter LED Lighting System - Ambiance Personified! ($199)

This option would be in addition to your standard ambiance bulb. A multitude of LED hot tub bulbs which can change colors continuously, fading from one color to the next, under your total control. Creating the ultimate hot tub atmosphere & adding extra safety to your spa, this hot tub lighting option is available on all Island spas.

“Spa Café” Gazebo

The perfect shelter to shade your spa from the sun or rain. This creates a “room with a review”, and is custom made from redwoods from California. This gazebo is weather resisteant, and has roofing material made of polycarbonate. The lattice panels give privacy, and a bar shelf comes with it and is installed on the side. This is available in Redwood, Mocha , or Grey to match your spa.


Plumbing - Triple Sealed for Your Long Term Comfort
Our spas are triple-tied. Leaks are the most common issue that arise in spas over time, but NOT OURS! In addition to the epoxy molded sealant we use between the pipe and the hose, two different forms of clamps and ties are used around the pipes to ensure a "no leak" tub. Who wants to fuss with leaks - not you, and not us. That's why we go beyond what most manufacturers do with our triples seal system, to provide you with the highest level of quality plumbing that will LAST.

Reinforced Synthetic Frame & Improved ABS Bottom: Built to Last!
Unlike many other brands, the frames of the Island Spas contain no wood or steel and therefore will not rust, rot or weaken over time. Our new 2013 spas have a beefed up synthetic frame & thick ABS bottom. We increased the size, strength and thickness of our frames to ALL our spas to ensure safe delivery to our customers in other countries such as Canada and Europe. Our US customers of course get the benefit of a stronger, more long lasting spa. The ABS bottom is formed around the bottom of the cabinetry, and serves the purposes of added structural integrity, increased insulation from the elements, and protection from rodents and insects entering/tampering with the spa interior.

Other sellers are selling wood framed hot tubs. Wood framed hot tubs are un-sturdy and can shake when people jump in the tub. Wood frames have also been known to be eaten up by critters and bugs and create a safety hazard and weak frame. Steel framed hot tubs deteriorate and rust over time. We only use wooden framing a little bit to support the cabinetry of our hot tubs, but the internal framing of all Island spas are supported by an industrial strength synthetic frame capable of supporting up to 8 times the load of the hot tub, water, and people. These beams are mostly found supporting the seating so that that seating doesn't sag, and they are further foam covered for insulation. Make sure your hot tub is a synthetic framed ABS bottom hot tub.

Benefits of Synthetic Frame

  • Environmentally friendly hot tub – 100% recycled composite materials
  • Strongest hot tub shell support – absorbing and distributing shell stress
  • Will not warp, rot, rust or degrade over time
  • Easy access to hot tub equipment and hot tub plumbing
  • Engineered for precision

Exterior Cabinet:
Your standard base model cabinet is made from wood. Or, you can upgrade this to our maintenance free, Enduro© Synthetic Cabinet. The carefully engineered, synthetic cabinet is made to look and feel like real quality finished wood without the shortcomings of real wood, such as warping, fading and the constant need for maintenance.

Benefits of Synthetic Cabinet:

  • Warm natural glow and sheen, the look and feel of high quality finished wood
  • Maintenance free hot tub and durability
  • Long lasting high quality hottub finish
  • Will not rot, warp, or degrade
  • Easy to remove hot tub panels
  • UV stable for consistent finish year after year


The Island Jets are designed for maximum massage, rehabilitation, and relaxation therapies. There are numerous arrays of jets on the seats depending on which model you get. Most Jet Arrays are designed to target the following areas of the body for your relaxation and therapy needs:

  • Back and Neck Massage Spinal Therapy
  • Sports Massage
  • Lower Back Massage
  • Calf Massage
  • Foot Therapy
  • Acu-pressure hot tub jets: Powerful pinpoint jets for a distinct massage point.
  • Directional hot tub jets: These are pinpoint jets which you can point in any direction.
  • Foot Dome Jet System – Some Island models are equipped with an impressive foot dome jet system which allows you to massage your feet in many ways
  • Pulsating Stream hot tub jets – the pulsating water from this hot tub jet will treat you to a rhythmic water hot tub massage

Advanced Hydrotherapy Jetting System

Depending on the model, Island spas typically contain a wide variety of hot tub jets. Most of the models come with the option of beautiful stainless steel accents. Many of the jets are adjustable for any direction. Our spas also have diverter systems so that you can turn one side of the hot tub jets off, and have all the pumps pumping to one side of the spa, to get the ultimate power in what we call "Sports Massage Therapy."



  • SLEEP BETTER – The National Sleep Foundation suggests that soaking in hot water before bedtime can help bring about a good night's sleep.
  • MOVE BETTER – The Arthritis Foundation supports the use of spas and reports that regular sessions in a hot tub helps to keep joints moving, restores strength and flexibility and soothes arthritis pain.
  • LIVE BETTER – The New England Journal of Medicine reported that diabetic patients reported reduced blood sugar levels and improved sleep patterns.



Product Reviews

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Reviewed by NickyEddie
12/15/2013 - 12:33:01 PM
Great Customer Service and Products
Hottubs Direct was recommended to us by friends, and we really were not disappointed. The customer service is excellent, the product of superior quality and the delivery was prompt. After sales service is also available and we have found the staff to be very friendly and happy to assist with the queries we had.
Reviewed by ElmerSWhite
12/03/2012 - 02:18:51 AM
great products
We live in upstate New York, where it gets real cold. This spa seems to hold it's heat well, and our power bill seemed like it increased about $24 a month, which is pretty good. This spa must be insulated well.
Reviewed by JerrySMcGuire
10/24/2012 - 10:04:17 PM
great service
I love my Jacuzzi's and the service I received was great. We got this on time just like they told us and we've been using it with no problems ever since.
Reviewed by StevenSBrown
10/09/2012 - 01:14:13 AM
awesome showcases
We chose this hot tub because it has an awesome showcases and advantages. I tried numerous brands but this brand is the best. The heaters are warmer than the carbon ones and they don't have the burning hot areas like ceramic ones.
Reviewed by BrandonMCooper
09/20/2012 - 11:02:20 PM
Love my ARUBA XL!
I purchased ARUBA XL a few years ago and it is the best. We use it everyday and love what its done for us! My skin is fabulous and after having a baby my buddies could not get over how fast I lost the baby weight. My husband uses it to help him sleep better at general this spa is excellent.
Reviewed by AdrianaMFaller
08/29/2012 - 02:57:15 AM
Great online shopping expirience
I had many experience of using different types of hot tubs and nothing ever compared to Aruba XL that my mom bought. I really had a good first impression the moment this product first stepped inside our house. Aruba XL came to our house and become one of the best purchases that we ever made. It was really more than a tub because of its wide array of functions, which promotes relaxation, recreation, and comfort. What's more surprising is it only cost a few thousand dollars, and we never thought it would be such a great experience having this product into our house. Thanks to all the staff of for providing a great product to us, you guys are really amazing when it comes to customer service, and we will definitely recommend your site to our friends and relatives.
Reviewed by Desmond
08/12/2013 - 03:09:40 AM
I highly recommend Aruba XL and this company to people who are hesitant about purchasing a hot tub online
About a year ago, my wife and I decided that we really wanted to get our own hot tub. After some showroom-hopping during the day and midnight researches, we agreed to buy from this company. It wasn't an easy decision after spending much time at local showrooms. Our friends thought that we were crazy for buying a luxury item like this online without even seeing or touching it first but nothing can even come close to the prices offered by this company. When the hot tub finally arrived, we were all surprised at its quality. The Aruba XL was very spacious and all of its 118 jets are powerful yet delicate enough to give that massaging feel. The customer service rep from the company is also a gem. There's not many company around that goes beyond the meaning of customer care.
Reviewed by Marie
07/15/2013 - 12:08:53 AM
Awesome product and an awesome company
I totally love this tub. It's our first tub and have been very impressed so far. The 118 jets not only look cool but works great. They don't just shoot water into different parts of your body, but you can feel them massaging your neck, shoulders, back, legs, calf, and feet - perfect for relaxing the body after a hard day's work. It fits nicely on our patio, and is not too large nor overwhelming like the other XL tubs I've seen. My husband and I researched for hot tubs for months and kept coming back to this one. You won't find a comparable tub at this excellent price. It arrived on time, as promised and were able to hook up the unit in just 2 hours with the help of the customer service staff.
Reviewed by khart
06/13/2012 - 11:39:18 PM
fantastic hot tub!
I usually don't bother to write reviews, but these guys deserve one here. This hot tub is amazing. The jets are amazing and all over the place, with great pressure. The pictures on the site didn't even do it justice. The appearance of spa is beautiful (we picked the marble blue color 9). My wife an eye put in a movie into the DVD on the first day and had the most romantic time in a while. The TV system works great, it rises up and down electronically and has a very clear picture. The spa has great lighting all over. By the way, their hot tub tech guy even helped us with installation questions over the weekend, we weren't expecting that! thank you choose tubs direct! Best purchase I made in a while! Ken
Reviewed by Craig
05/13/2013 - 03:15:36 AM
This is a highly recommended product on great value and comfort!
After ordering the Aruba XL 6 Person hot tub in just one week, I didn't know why I waited. Not only does it look much better in person than the picture posted online, and its 118 Jets are even more powerful than described. The bucket seats feel very comfortable while the lounge is great for a relaxing evening outside, under the stars. With the help of their hot tub tech representative, setup was a cinch and it only took less than an hour for me to finish the final electrical wiring's. The tub was filled and warm by the same day it was installed and started right up.
Reviewed by Veron
04/01/2013 - 03:31:23 AM
hands down
My Aruba XL has given me and my family hydro therapeutic relaxation in style since day one! Complete with its own entertainment system and boasting 118 jets, this tub turned us into the envy of the town when it arrived and my neighbors didn't believe me when I told them that I got it for less than $5,000! Amazing right? But what's even better is this direct company's customer service support. Hands down, they were the best customer service reps I have dealt with in a long time. Imagine, they were not only helpful in guiding us throughout the installation process, but were also helpful enough to teach us how to care and maintain our tub - even though these were all written in the manual. Props to a fantastic tub and an even fantastic company!
Reviewed by Keith
02/14/2013 - 09:20:46 PM
great online service
When we finally receive the hot tub we ordered, me and my family were very excited to use it but I discovered over the weekend a crack in the gel-coat/acrylic surface of my spa. The crack is at the filter area. The fiberglass does not appear to be damaged as far as I can see. Apparently, in shipment the tub was dropped or mishandled. I know something happened because while the electrician was wiring, we noticed the control box was bent and the mounting screws (the ones that attach the control box to the bottom of the unit) were pulled out and the brackets were bent. I asked this company for some help and they offer me $200 for the acrylic damages and we successfully repaired this issue.

P.S. I also had some questions about the ACC controls on the spa and called the folks who made it for technical support, they are exceptional! They walked me through every aspect of the new controls over the phone.

I really appreciate all the help; we highly recommend them to everyone.
Reviewed by jeffdarnall
02/09/2014 - 12:23:37 PM
5 star product with excellent service
I was so thankful to this company for not letting my expectations down. I called their customer service first to ask around for a good hot tub that would meet my preferences. I actually asked a lot of questions to their customer support team which might sound a little annoying for them if I was on their place.. The good thing about their representatives is that they maintain composure and eagerness to research my needs, and alas they have suggested this aruba hot tub for me to purchase.. I have my high expectations on this hot tub because it really cost a lot for me luckily, my expectations did not fail me because this hot tub really fits my style and need! Another good thing about this company is they were able to deliver the hot tub on time without any scratches or dents.. I'm so glad that I purchased from the right company and given what I truly deserve.. Customer satisfaction guaranteed.. my referrals will surely be coming to you guys!

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