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Aquatic Fitness Pro


The Aquatic Fitness Pro – "Fitness Swim Spa and Spa Combination"

H20© Swim Spas Launches its newest exciting product the Aquatic Fitness Pro©, delivering the ultimate swim spa exercise experience combined with the relaxation and hydrotherapy of a swim spa. The Aquatic Fitness Pro© is an exclusive manufactured product of and its limited partners. delivers unparalleled value to its customers because if manufacturers and sells direct to its customers through the internet, and not through dealers or retailers who mark up the product considerably, at least $15,000 higher than our prices. All our products are totally ETL© certified for the highest safety standards in the US, and use the most reliable Balboa© American control system for long term reliability and functionality.

Interior Colors
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Cabinet Colors
Aquatic Fitness Pro
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Sale Price: $19,999.00
Compared at: $38,000.00
You Save: $18,001.00
Product ID : 8188
Manufacturer: H2O Fitness Spas


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Detailed Swim Spa Specifications
Model SwimSPA-8188
Size 232.2"—87.4"—53.5/59"(5900X2220X1360/1500mm)
Color White(multicolor add325USD per pcs)
Seating Capacity 6 Person
Power Supply 240V/60Hz
Shell Acrylic
Spa :
temperature: 59F to 104F
Water Capacity: 320 gal
Steel frame: 1PC
Head rest: 3PCS
LED Air jets: optional
Hydro therapy jets Total Jets61 (2.2"point-blank hydro therapy jets 23pc
2.2"Rotary hydro therapy jets 22 pc
2.5"Rotary hydro therapy jets 2 pc
3.5"point-blank hydro therapy jets 8pc
4.5"point-blank hydro therapy jets 2pc
4.5"Rotary hydro therapy jets 3 pc
5"point-blank hydro therapy jets 1pc)
LED light: 1(Seven kinds of color)
Fiber optic light: part of optional "Ambiance Lighting Spa Package" option
Drain valve: 1
Water recovery apparatus: 3
Hydro massage pump 3HP: 2
Hydro massage pump 2HP: 1
Circulation pump 0.75HP: optional
Air blower 0.7kW: optional
Ozonator: 1
Heater 5.5KW: 1
Cartridge Filter: 1
Control(BALBOA) 1
Hydro massage pump 3HP: 2
Aromatherapy: 1
Air Control Valves: 2 x Easy-Flo Air Venturi
Temperature: 59F to 104F
Water Capacity: 1700 gal
Steel frame: 1
Head rest: 1
LED Air jets: part of optional "Ambiance Lighting Swim Spa" option
Air jets: optional
Swim jets 9.5: 3(one pump one jets)
Hydro therapy jets: Total Jets 15 2.2"point-blank hydro therapy jets 2pc
2.5"Rotary hydro therapy jets 5 pc
3.5"point-blank hydro therapy jets 2pc
3.5"Rotary hydro therapy jets 2 pc
4.5"point-blank hydro therapy jets 1pc
4.5"Rotary hydro therapy jets 2 pc
4.5"Rotary hydro therapy jets 2 pc
5"point-blank hydro therapy jets 1pc)
LED light: part of optional "Ambiance Lighting Swim Spa" option
Fiber optic light: part of optional "Ambiance Lighting Swim Spa"option
Drain valve: 1
Water recovery apparatus: 7
Swim pump 3HP: 3
Circulation pump 0.75HP: Optional
Air blower 0.7kW 1
Ozonator: 1
Heater 5.5KW: 1
Cartridge Filter: 2
Control(BALBOA): 1
Air Control Valves: 4 x Easy-Flo Air Venturi
Wooden cabinet:: 1
Insulation: Standard
Heavy duty spa cover: Optional
Wooden step: Optional
  • Features
  • Options
  • Structure
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Jets

Stand-Out Features

  • 3 Large 9.5" Swim Spa Jets- controlled each by an individual pump
  • Front Swim Bar – Great for Children or Elderly
  • 2 Hydrotherapy Seats- backed with 15 Rotary and Direct Pressure Jets
  • Walk Down Steps- for Easy Entry (three high)
  • Spa Under Water Lighting- for Night Use (white light)
  • Clean Water System – Ozonator Plus Modern Double Filtration System (2 filters)
  • Walk Up Steps – On outside of Swim Spa
  • Balboa Control System separate than spa – Best quality US made control system in the world – can control temperature and daily circulation cycles totally separate than the spa, which has a separate control system, also Balboa
  • Lucite©/Aristech© Highest Premium Acrylic Interior – All our swim spas are made with Lucite© or Aristech© the top quality acrylics in the world. These are the highest standards for shell material in the spa industry, known for its pure and striking colors, superior strength, weather resistance, high-gloss appearance, and resistance to sunlight, stains, and scratching
  • Overflow Prevention
  • Reinforced Steel Frame
  • Standard Spa Shell Insulation – The spa is insulated around the shell, upgrade to "Full Foam Insulation" for more

Spa Highlights:

  • 61 total jets, combination of Rotary Massage Jets and High Pressure Jets
  • Both 4.5" Rotary Jets, and 2.5" Rotary Jets
  • 5" and 2.2" High Pressure Jets
  • Lay Down Lounger with Full Body Massage
  • Separate Balboa Control System- keep the temperature of different than your swim spa
  • WAVE therapy seat – experience the massage of wave therapy
Option Price
Circulation Pump Swim Spa 249
Circulation Pump Spa 249
StrongBeam© Synthetic Cabinet 799
Thermo Insulated Swim Spa Cover 699
Ambiance Lighting Swim Spa 149
Ambiance Lighting Spa 99
Full Foam Insulation 699
Swim Tether System 499
Fitness Rowing System 399
Fitness Elastic Bands 49
Bar+stool package 399
TV 15" 899
Pop-up Speakers 199
DVD 199
Spa Air Blower 99

Circulation Pump Swim Spa-If you won't be using the swim spa daily, and you want to keep the water circulating and warm without running the larger pumps and jets, the circulation pump is a must have for your swim spa. It operates at a much lower power than the larger pumps, and just circulates the water and can keep it heated without running the larger pumps and jets. This saves a lot on the electricity bill, and also provides a way to keep your spa filtrating and warm, when not in use.

Circulation Pump Spa-Same as above, but a separate circulation pump for the spa. This is also a highly recommended option.

StrongBeam© - Synthetic Cabinet-The standard cabinet included is made of pine wood. You can upgrade your wood cabinet to a StrongBeam© cabinet, as they are longer lasting, durable, and weather proof. The standard wood cabinet, if not upgraded, will need to be maintained properly with weather proofing sealants every 2-3 months. The synthetic cabinets are made to look like "realistic" wood so they blend well into backyard settings just like the natural wood.

Thermo Insulated Swim Spa Cover-This is a tri-fold both thermo, and water proof cover, which is strong enough to walk on, and keeps your swim spa insulated as well so it doesn't lose heat.

Ambiance Lighting Swim Spa-The Ambiance Lighting enhances your swim spa experience, especially during the night hours. The ambiance lighting provides 7 shades of lighting that either can be set to a mode where they change every few seconds or they are set to one particular color. The lighting is set as underwater pin point LED lights all around the swim spa, including the seating area.

Ambiance Lighting Hot Tub-Similar to above, the spa can include over 12 LED lights around the seating area to provide night time ambiance that everybody can enjoy.

Full Foam Insulation-Full Foam Insulation is a must have for cooler climates, or pretty much any climate which has a cooler time of the year. This is because the water in the swim spa and spa, can cool down and dissipate heat quickly, which will require you to run the heater more. This can create a higher electric bill and shorter life for the heater. See the pictures for the difference in the standard insulation and Full Foam Insulation.

Swim Tether System-as shown in the descriptions section, the swim tether is a must have for providing swim resistance for all levels of swimmers. You will receive the additional swim tether flex bar, rope tether, and adjustable belt.

Fitness Rowing System-as shown in the description section, with this option, you will receive all the apparatus needed for rowing and rowing exercise

Fitness Elastic Bands-With this option we will provide you with the equipment to do the elastic band training..

Bar + Stool Package -A must have for day drinking at the pool. Add the any one of these bar + stool packages to your set-up!

15" TV-This outstanding 15" Pop UP TV system with remote rises up and down from the shell of your Swim Spa. Hook your cable up, and enjoy watching a work-out video tape, or your favorite movie while lounging in the swim spa. The TV's have weatherproof shells for durability, and are vivid LCD technology.

Pop-up Speakers-Our swim spas come come stock with speakers built into the cabinet of the swim spa. The pop-up speaker options allow improved listing by adding the speakers to the top to the swim spa. When done in use, they can be pushed back into the shell of the swim spas.

DVD-Listen to music on the DVD/CD system, or watch movies with your television by popping in your favorite DVD. Remote included

Spa Air Blower-Enjoy "hydrotherapy" bubbles by adding the Spa Blower Option.

Hydrotherpay Health Benefits


  • Swim "Free" or use Resistance Varying "Tether" for Control and Power- Three Large 9.5" Swim Spa jets, each controlled by their own pump (3 pumps), deliver an outstanding current for to swim long distances. Or you can add the optional "resistance varying tethering system" can be used to tie-back the swimmer for higher performance swimmers and power training, as well as training for small kids. Because of this, this swim spa system works for ALL levels of swimmers The curvature of the swim spa shell on both sides create a realistic current for swimming.
  • Physical Therapy for the Elderly or Injured Hydrotherapy is the best type of exercise as you get older, or if you are recouperating from a sports or work related injury. For the elderly, simply "walking" against the current towards the back of the swim spa, will provide enough exercise against the current in the front. Also for injury therapy, and lighter work-outs the Fitness Elastic Bands (described further below), are a great way to build up strength, or at least maintain the body's range of motion to prevent to deterioration of the body and also help improve these illnesses:
    • Decreases Arthritis Issues throughout body
    • Alleviates Tendonitis
    • Improves Joint Issues
    • Prevents Muscle Loss
    • Helps Muscle and Tendon Elasticity
  • Tethering System – Adjustable for All Levels of Swimmers- Tethering© is the latest craze used by Ironman athletes during training and basically allows the swimmer to train "hard" as they can against the current without moving in the water. On the other hand, many people use the tethering system to also train children how to swim because children often do not have control and sway side to side The adjustable tether belt fits comfortably around the hip of the swimmer, and attaches to the patented "tethering pole". The "tethering pole" exerts varying forms of "resistence" depending on the amount the individual swimmer pulls on it. For light swimmers, it exerts zero to little resistance, and hence the swimmer swims purely against the current, and for high strength simmers, the pole bends and creates an increasingly heavier resistance, able to a handle even the professional level swimmers.
  • Fitness Rowing System – Get the Edge! Cross-train and develop upper body strength with the "Fitness Rowing System". With this option, you get the built in rowing system consisting of two metal row bars, and elastic band systems technically designed to give the experience of rowing in your swim spa. The elastic system are designed to give enough tension to tire out the average rower. It can deliver a good workout for up to 20 minutes to 30 minutes for a good rower. This is a must have option to give make use of your swim spas as a cross training system.
    The benefits of rowing include are as follows:
    Low impact (easy on your joints, knees included)
    Relieves Stress
    High Calorie burning exercise
    Great practice for joints

    Upper body work out in stroke
    Lower body work in legs

    Stabilzation of back and abs
  • Fitness Elastic Band System – From Strength Training to Physical Therapy of ALL AGES With the Fitness Elastic Band System, you can practice a multitude of elastic band exercises by looping the elastic bands either through the swim rod at the front of the swim spa, or through the side loops that are secured on the sides of the swim spa. The further you pull the elastic the stronger the pull, thus anybody can control their own level of work-out easily. You can run the swim spa current for additional pressure to exercise the whole core while working out the upper body. Elastic band training is great for the eldery which suffer arthritis or tendonitis issues, as well as for physical therapy of all types. It's also a great way to start training kids how to exercise correctly with core centric systems, building balance, and concentrated strength in unification.
"Relax in the 61 JET built in Hot Tub"

You deserve the ultimate hot tub for either relaxing after a good work-out or a long day at work. Our hot tub is designed with everything you need for the ultimate hydromassage therapy. It includes a lay-down lounger designed for full body message and therapy, a "wave therapy seat", and 3rd sit down chair, with a full battery of powerful back and neck jets. These seats include both Large 4.5" "rotary" jets and small "rotary" jets (2.5") to provide a vortex massage which feel incredible to tense or sore muscles. The heating control on the spa is separate then the swim spa as most people like to keep their hot tubs much warmer than their swim spas. Head cushions all around the spa give you the needed element so lie back and just plain RELAX,.

"Live The DREAM"

Our Aquatic Fitness Pro Swim Spa, normally retails for $32,000 US, is now sold exclusively at an unbelievable "recession" proof value with this sale which ends soon. Please call us at anytime, as we have sales experts ready to help you 7 days a week. These swim spas are custom manufactured according to your specifications, and employees it's on spa professionals with over 30 years in the industry to provide you with full time after sales support of this product. We look forward to putting this dream swim spa in your home soon.

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